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Sacrilege In Grimmagstone Quest, Creating The Grimmagstone Key In Drakensang Online

Sacrilege In Grimmagstone was a quest with 3 parts. The first part instantly finished itself but the second part was longer and involved combat, exploration and item gathering in Drakensang Online.

Sacrilege In Grimmagstone Quest, Creating The Grimmagstone Key In Drakensang Online

The Sacrilege In Grimmagstone quest started with my character talking to Master Vithrandir about the Grimmagstone. After talking to Master Vithrandir, my character went and talked to Wylant the Blacksmith about creating a new key for Grimmagstone.

To create the new Grimmagstone Key, Wylant the Blacksmith asked my character to get 5 pieces of wood from Pilgrim Oak, 5 Enchanted Blue Steel and the Opening Spell on the Book Stand in the Ruins of the First Circle.

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Gathering all these quest items, my character had to fight a few monsters or creatures like the Awoken Sludge, Awoken Pilgrim Oak, Anderworld Minion and Powerful Anderworld Minion. All of which were very easy to kill or destroy.

After gathering all the quest items needed by Wylant the Blacksmith, my character immediately went back to Fortress Forge and gave all the items to Wylant who immediately forged a new Grimmagstone Key. It only took him a few seconds to create it. WHATTT???

Creating the Grimmagstone Key in Drakensang Online was only part of the Sacrilege in Grimmagstone quest. The next and last part is still to come.

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