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Attack Of The Anderworld Quest Completed In Drakensang Online

Attack of the Anderworld is the name of my character's first quest in Drakensang Online. My character is a Dragonknight and his name is Kabalyeroph.

After creating my Dragonknight, he was immediately transported into the game where he met someone on the ground. The name of the man was Leron Gorrington and he gave my character the Attack of the Anderworld Quest.

The first part of the quest was to search the Fortress of the Alliance for survivors. Along the way, my character fought a few Anderworld Creatures where he also met Captain Fairfax who gave him the second part of the quest which was to Enter the High Hall of the Fortress.

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On his way to the High Hall of the Fortress, my character fought a Powerful Anderworld Creature. As the name implies, this Anderworld Creature was stronger than the normal Anderworld Creatures and bigger too.

At the High Hall of the Fortress, my character met Master Vithrandir who told him about Grimmag's Enchanted Staff that was stolen by someone.

The quest, Attack of the Anderworld, got completed in the Fortress Forge where my character talked to Master Vithrandir again. He talked about uncovering what the Cultist has planned for the Enchanted Staff in Drakensang Online.

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