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Decorating My Base Or Hideout In DC Universe Online

My hero, Kabalyero Kidd, in DC Universe Online just acquired a base and, through him, I immediately added a few decorations in it.

Decorating My Base Or Hideout In DC Universe Online

After I logged in, I immediately checked my hero's inventory and found a Base Theme. I used it and I was immediately rewarded with a Base Deed. Using the Base Deed, I was asked to select a Base Entrance and I was also asked if I wanted to enter my newly founded base or hideout which I did.

Inside my base, I immediately checked the terminal or control panel or whatever its called and entered Base Decoration. Unfortunately, there were no items listed in my Base Items window. I know I have Base Items for decorations but there were not listed in my Base Items window.

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So, I went to check my Inventory and the few Base Items I have were there. Using them from my inventory added them to my list of Base Items. With my Base Items added to my list of Base Items, I was finally able to decorate my base. I added a poster, a clock, a table and another poster.

Having a Base in DC Universe Online is kinda cool because now my hero has a place to call his home in the game. Although, I'm still not sure whether there are other benefits of having a base but I'm sure I'll find out if I just continue playing the game.

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