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Perquisites Mission Accepted & Completed In DarkOrbit Reloaded

I have no idea what Perquisites means but it's the name of the mission that I recently accepted and completed in DarkOrbit Reloaded.

Perquisites Mission Accepted & Completed In DarkOrbit Reloaded

I'm still currently doing starting missions in DarkOrbit Reloaded. Starting missions are very easy and it's supposed to serve as a tutorial to new players like me.

One of the missions that I recently accepted and completed was the Perquisites Mission. It's a very simple and very easy mission with 2 objectives.

The objectives were the following:

1. Collect 10 Prometiums
2. Sell 10 Prometiums

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I guess the purpose of this quest is to teach me how to trade or buy and sell stuff or things or items in DarkOrbit Reloaded.

So, where did I get the 10 Prometiums needed to complete this mission? Where else? I got the 10 Prometiums from a Streuner ship. I destroyed one and it dropped the Prometiums needed to complete the mission.

After getting the needed amount of Prometiums, I went back to the EIC HQ and sold them as required or asked by the mission in DarkOrbit Reloaded.

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