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Created A New Character In Drakensang Online

I created a new character in Drakensang Online and the character I created was a Dragonknight named Kabalyeroph.

I played Drakensang Online before but that was in another server. Now, I'm in a new server and I started by creating a new character.

The character I created was a Dragonknight and I called him Kabalyeroph because someone was already using Kabalyero.

Drakensang Online has a very easy and very simple character creation process. Unfortunately, it also doesn't have much to offer in terms of character customization during character creation.

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I was able to choose from 4 character classes, pick a gender, change my character's hair, ethnicity, beard and that was it. Most modern MMORPGs offer players more character customization options during character creation but not Drakensang Online.

Don't get me wrong, not having a lot of customization options in character creation does not make Drakensang Online a bad game instantly. LOL!!!

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