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Price Of Betrayal Mission • DarkOrbit Reloaded

Price of Betrayal is not my first mission in DarkOrbit Reloaded. The first one was almost barely noticeable and got completed almost instantly.

Price Of Betrayal Mission • Dark Orbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded is not a new game but it was new to me because it was my first time playing it. DarkOrbit is a browser-based game and it's free-to-play.

After creating a new account, the game immediately went to Faction Selection and I joined the Earth Industries Corporation because I'm from Earth. The two other groups were Mars Mining Operations and the Venus Resources Unlimited.

The game proper started in the Demilitarized Zone in space near the EIC Headquarters. My first mission got completed almost instantly. It was called Elite Force Audition.

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I got my second mission right after completing the first one and it was called The Price Of Betrayal. The mission had two objectives and they were, 1. Destroy 2 Streuner Ships and 2. Collect 2 Cargo Boxes.

Like all starter missions in any game, The Price Of Betrayal was very simple and very easy mission to complete. I did learn two things though and those were, 1. Attack and 2. Collect Stuff. LOL!

Hopefully, all my missions in DarkOrbit Reloaded will be as easy as this one. ^_^

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