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Chapter 4: Bamboo Blossom & Chapter 5: The Recovery In Blade And Soul

Bamboo Blossom and The Recovery are two chapters in Blade and Soul. Both chapters started at the Bamboo Village in Blade and Soul.

Chapter 4: Bamboo Blossom & Chapter 5: The Recovery In Blade And Soul

The Bamboo Blossom Chapter with my character speaking with Namsoyoo. Namsoyoo talked about Soul Shields and how it's used. She also gave my character a Soul Shield and taught my character how to equip it.

Completing Chapter 4: Bamboo Blossom, leveled up my character to Level 4.

The next chapter in my character's story was Chapter 5: The Recovery. My character went to the Mayor's House and spoke with the Mayor of Bamboo Village named Daygu in Blade and Soul.

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Mayor Daygu of Bamboo Village mentioned something about Gwak Chil who was at the Healing House and how Gwak Chil was talking about my character.

My character went to the Healing House to talk with Gwak Jun and with Gwak Chil who was badly injured. Gwak Chil thanked my character for saving his life during the Blackram attack.

Gwak Jun also said Gwak Chil may never walk again because of his injury. Fortunately, there was a cure and my character offered to help by getting the necessary items for the medicine.

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The medicine required extract from Young Sand Conch. These were shell-like creatures found at Bamboo Beach. My character got the necessary amount of extract by defeating a few Young Sand Conch.

My character went back to the Healing House and gave the extracts to Gwak Jun who will prepare the medicine for Gwak Chil. Gwak Jun also said Bamboo Guard Captain Dochun was looking for my character.

Leaving the Healing House, my character immediately went to Dochun's House to speak with Dochun where Dochun asked my character to deliver a message to the Mayor of Bamboo Village, Mayor Daygu

Mayor Daygu was at Everdusk where my character spoke with Gong Samsik, a Bamboo Village Guard in Blade and Soul.

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