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Evil Influence Quest » Defeated The Captain Of The Undead In Drakensang Online

The Evil Influence Quest in Drakensang Online had 5 parts, the last part of the quest was about defeating the Captain of the Undead in the Old Tomb.

After my Dragonknight completed the first 4 parts of the Evil Influence Quest, only the last part remained and my Dragonknight went to complete it immediately.

As instructed by the quest tracker, my Dragonknight went to the location of the Old Tomb, entered the Old Tomb and started destroying Undead Creatures like Bony Snipers, Bony Fighters and Modern Corpses.

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Fortunately, these Undead Creatures were easy to kill. The same goes for Undead Captain Jeremy.

After defeating the Captain of the Undead, my Dragonknight went out of the Old Tomb and reported back to Private Bailee who was waiting at the Gates of Kingshill in Drakensang Online.

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