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The Bully, The Arena, The Fake Dr. Wily And The Trap Door In Missileman Origins Demo

Missileman met the school's bully, a fake Dr. Wily, checked out the Arena and fell into a trap door in Missileman Origins Demo.

The Bully, The Arena, The Fake Dr. Wily And The Trap Door In Missileman Origins Demo

The game I played was the Demo version of Missileman Origins. The game is still in development and the developer is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the development of the game.

Missileman Origins Demo starts in ABSO Robo High where Missileman is attending school. With Missileman under my Keyboard Control, I got to meet a few of his classmates like Linda, Guffbot, Casey and Nitrus.

I also got to check out the Arena but it was not yet ready. I did find Guffbot and Nitrus inside doing nothing. They were just hanging or standing around. LOL!

In a different area of the game, I got to meet Firefyre who kinda looked like Dr. Wily. In fact, if you look at Missileman, he kinda reminds me of Megaman or Rockman. He even shoots balls from his arm but, unlike Megaman's balls, Missileman's balls were red in color.

So, I went through the game but I stopped playing because my left arm got tired. Seriously, my left arm got tired. I was only pressing the Z key for jumping and X key for shooting but, I guess, that was enough to tire my left arm. LOL!

Of course, platform games are best played with a controller and I'm sure Missileman Origins will eventually have controller support.

Anyway, you'll find more information about Missileman Origins from its Kickstarter Campaign Page.

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