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Elvenar • Building My First Town

Building my first town in Elvenar which is a free-to-play browser-based strategy city building game. I added strategy there because city building requires a lot of strategy. LOL!

Elvenar • Building My First Town

Like most city building games or any other games, Elvenar has a tutorial and it guided me through the initial stages of the game like building and placing buildings, researching new buildings, technologies and cultures and exploring.

Fortunately, the game very easy to learn specially if you are already familiar with other city building games or if you have played other city building games before. For someone who gets easily confused like me, Elvenar didn't confuse me that much. LOL!

Besides doing some building, I also got to explore the world map a little bit and got to negotiate a trade or deal with an NPC from a different province. After that, I went back to my own town and built another Residence.

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