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Tutorial Completed In Metal Reaper Online

The first thing I did in Metal Reaper Online was to go through the tutorial of the game and complete. It didn't take long because it was a very simple and easy to follow tutorial.

Tutorial Completed In Metal Reaper Online

The first thing I learned in the game was Basic Control or simply movement. Moving my character in the game was done by pressing the WASD keys or by Point-And-Clicking with the mouse.

Metal Reaper Online is not like your everyday 3D MMORPG because it has a more Diablo-like feel to it. I've never actually played Diablo before but I can't say I'm not familiar with the game style.

Anyway, back to the game's tutorial, my character talked to an injured soldier and the soldier gave him a pistol because he was already at death's door and doesn't need the pistol anymore.

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I then made my character follow the path with the green arrows and he had a few encounters with enemy soldiers but fended them off the pistol he got from the dying soldier.

During the tutorial, my character was instructed to use a mounted machine gun and he shot down a lot of incoming or attack enemy soldiers. Using the machine gun was a lot of fun. LOL.

My character also got a rifle from a dead soldier and was able to use it to shoot down some enemies while he was running towards the outpost.

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