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Simple Trick To Get You Another WTFast 14 Days Free Trial Period

Here is a simple trick that will get you another WTFast 14 days free trial period. I just tried it today and it worked but will it work for everyone and will it work forever?

First of all, the idea came from a comment posted by Rosros Roseler and jkl984. I tried this trick before when WTFast was still offering a 30 days free trial but it didn't work.

Today, I tried it again and, to my surprise, it worked. I was able to get another 14 days free trial of WTFast Advanced. I'm not sure how or why it worked but it just did.

WTFast Account Expired

As you can see, my WTFast Account Status is already expired and WTFast now wants me to extend my subscription which I'm not going to do.

Created A New WTFast Account

Instead, I went to WTFast and created another account with a new e-mail address and, as you can see, my new account worked and I got a new 14 days free trial of WTFast Advanced.

Got another 14 days free trial.

Guys, I'm not sure if this trick will last very long because I'm sure WTFast does not want people getting unlimited 14 days free trials. Honestly, this could be just a glitch in the system but, for now, you can try it and hope it works for you.

Again guys, I tried it today and it worked but I can't guarantee that it will work forever. Who knows, they might fix immediately after watching this video.

So, where you able to get another 14 days free trial of WTFast by creating a new account? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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