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Created My First Character, A Male Blade Master In Blade And Soul

I just created my first character in Blade and Soul and he is a male Blade Master. Obviously, I named my first character Kabalyero. What else? LOL!

Created My First Character, A Male Blade Master In Blade And Soul

After waiting the entire night downloading the game, I was able to finally enter the game and create my first character.

Blade and Soul has a few character classes and, sometimes, these character classes are based on the character race you selected.

For example, the Jin Race has Blade Master, Assassin and Kung Fu Master. The Gon Race has Kung Fu Master, Force Master and Destroyer. The Lyn Race has Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner. Finally, the Yun Race has Force Master, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master.

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As you can see, some character classes overlaps from each race but each race also has a unique character class like Assassin for Jin, Destroyer for Gon and Summoner for Lyn.

Excluding the Yun Race which only has a female gender, all races has a male and female genders.

The race, class and gender that I picked for my character was Jin, Blade Master and Male.

As for customization, I didn't spend a lot of time customizing my character but for those of you who want to play a very custom or unique character then you'll have an awesome time playing around with Blade and Soul's character creation.

For my character, I only changed a few things like Skin Tone, Hair, Hair Color, Facial Hair and Body Size. After that, I selected a server, named my character and entered the game.

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