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Chapter 1: Awakenings To Chapter 6: Training Begins • Disconnected In Chapter 7 In Blade And Soul

Quests or missions in Blade and Soul are divided into Chapters but I still don't know how it works though. I'm sure I'll eventually find out the more I play the game, Blade and Soul.

Chapter 1: Awakenings To Chapter 6: Training Begins • Disconnected In Chapter 7 In Blade And Soul

In Chapter 1: Awakenings, my character woke up, met Jinyung, wore his uniform and met Gilhong who was just waking up.

In Chapter 2: Morning Time at Heaven's Reach, my character met and talked with Yungmuk who was waiting for him at the courtyard.

Chapter 3: Looking for Lusung was all about finding and taling to Brother Lusung who taught my character how to glide. Gliding was freaking awesome. I liked it a lot.

In Chapter 4: Master Hong's Summons, my character glide down from the cliff and spoke with Master Hong who told a very nice story but I didn't listen to it. After that, my character went to Master Hong's quarters and got the Martial Tome that contains all of the teachings of the Hongmoon Arts.

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In Chapter 5: Disciple of the Hongmoon Arts, my character showed the Martial Tome to Yungmuk who was at the Duel Hall and equipped his sword.

Chapter 6: Training Begins was all about training with dummies and learning how to attack, defend and attack again.

In Chapter 7: Proving Grounds, my character got to fight more training dummies but these dummies were inside a cavern. This was also where I got disconnected from the game.

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