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Blade And Soul » Not All That Shimmers Is Gold Quest • Dusk Adder Captain Donbu Killed

Blade and Soul Not All That Shimmers Is Gold Quest is a quest about finding a ring and about suspicions and about the Dusk Adder Captain Donbu.

Blade And Soul » Not All That Shimmers Is Gold Quest • Dusk Adder Captain Donbu Killed

Blindman Ahn asked my Blade Master to find his dead son's ring. He was told the ring was stolen by Blackram but he never believed. He told my Blade Master that his son Amyo was smart enough to hide the ring before getting killed.

My Blade Master went and spoke with Gravekeeper Um Soji but Um Soji pointed my Blade Master to Yu Jipyung. According to Um Soji, Yu Jipyung was the one who buried Amyo.

When my Blade Master spoke with Yu Jipyung, Yu Jipyung claimed Amyo still had the ring when he buried Amyo. Yu Jipyung denied taking anything from Amyo.

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Yu Jipyung also asked my Blade Master to go to the Bandit Hideout, take a key from the Guard Captain and see if the sacks were inside the chests. Of course, my Blade Master accepted the request because Yu Jipyung promised to tell my Blade Master where Amyo was buried.

At the Bandit Hideout, my Blade Master was successful in defeating the Guard Captain, Dusk Adder Captain Donbu and was also able to check the chests Yu Jipyung asked my Blade Master to check.

Unfortunately, Yu Jipyung accused my Blade Master of lying to him and claimed my Blade Master planted the empty sacks to frame him which, of course, was not true. Yu Jipyung was just a paranoid and shady person in Blade and Soul.

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