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Sounds Like A Dog But Looks Like A Crocodile ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 21

It sounds like a dog but it looks like a crocodile and you'll find it only in Shroud Of The Avatar.

Sounds Like A Dog But Looks Like A Crocodile ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 21

A few hours ago, I spent 4 hours playing Shroud Of The Avatar's Pre-Alpha Release 21. It was four hours of walking, running, chopping down trees, mining ores, gathering plants and fighting animals, creatures and monsters.

One of the animals that I fought were the Baby Crocodiles but these Baby Crocodiles were no ordinary Baby Crocodiles because these Baby Crocodiles were having identity issues.

Don't ask me why or how but these Baby Crocodiles look like crocodiles but they sound like dogs barking.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what kind of sound Baby Crocodiles make in real life but, to me, in Shroud Of The Avatar they sounded like dogs barking.

Anyway, since the game is still in Pre-Alpha, the sound or sounds Baby Crocodiles make in the game can still change. Who knows, in the next release, they might stop barking and maybe start meowing like cat.

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