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Does WTFast Work With Shroud Of The Avatar?

Does WTFast work with Shroud Of The Avatar? If you want to know then watch this video but if not then go watch something else.

Does WTFast Work With Shroud Of The Avatar?

Shroud Of The Avatar is still currently in Pre-Alpha but it's already somewhat playable. If you are a backer then you'll be able to access the game and play.

Unfortunately for me, there are times when Shroud Of The Avatar is very, very laggy specially when there are other players around.

To solve this lag problem, I either play in Single Player Online Mode or I use WTFast or I do both. So, to answer the question, does WTFast work with Shroud Of The Avatar? The answer is a big fat YES.

If you look at the video clip in the video below this blog post then you'll see that I'm getting about 10 percent connection improvement with WTFast. Yes, it's a very small improvement but it shows that WTFast does work with Shroud Of The Avatar.

Now, as to how to setup or use WTFast with Shroud Of The Avatar, I will show you how in another video.

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