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Lord British Dead ★ Killed By A MOB ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Release 21 ★ End Of Summer Telethon

Lord British was killed by a MOB of avatars in Shroud Of The Avatar Release 21 during a PvP Tournament.

Lord British Dead ★ Killed By A MOB ★ Shroud Of The Avatar Release 21 ★ End Of Summer Telethon

Yesterday, I spent four hours of my day watching people get drunk, sing and do other things in Shroud Of The Avatar's End Of Summer Telethon.

The goal of the telethon was to raise 50,000 US Dollars and Shroud Of The Avatar was successful in reaching its goal. Reaching the goal of 50,000 US Dollars also unlocked the Nightmare Mount

For me, the highlight of the telethon or event was when Lord British died for the very first time in Shroud Of The Avatar. He lowered his stats too much and he paid for it with his life when he was mobbed by a lot of Avatars.

I don't have a video of Lord British getting killed but if you want to see Lord British die then check out the video in NBNN's YouTube Channel.

Click here to see how Lord British got killed
Click here to learn more about the End Of Summer Telethon

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