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Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer Invades Grand Theft Auto 5 ★ New GTA 5 Mod

A Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer flies over Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer Invades Grand Theft Auto 5 ★ New GTA 5 Mod

If you are a Star Wars fan who enjoys playing Grand Theft Auto 5 then you will probably enjoy this new Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod.

The mod is called Imperial Star Destroyer Blimp BETA and this mod replaces the Blimp over Los Santos with a huge Imperial Star Destroyer.

Unfortunately, the Star Destroyer is not as big as a real Star Destroyer but its current size is already impressive. Also, the mod still needs a lot of work but you can already download it and enjoy it in the game.

Click here to download this awesome Imperial Star Destroyer Blimp Beta
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