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WTFast Alternative - Smoothping, Lower Your Ping & Stop Lagging

WTFast Alternative, if you are looking for one then there is thing called Smoothping.

WTFast Alternative - Smoothping, Lower Your Ping & Stop Lagging

WTFast is an amazing program that helps gamers like us enjoy the games we are playing by making them less laggy but if, for some reason, WTFast won't work for you or if you simply just hate it then there are alternatives to WTFast.

One WTFast Alternative is this program called Smoothping. It works very much like WTFast but it has fewer servers and it supports fewer games.

The games Smoothping currently supports are World Of Warcraft, Aion, Tera, Star Wars, Dragon Nest, Tibia, Vindictus, Dark Fall, APB: Reloaded and Eve Online.

Smoothping also has limited support for other games but it will require users to install and configure two additional  third party programs and these programs are ProxyCap and PuTTY.

Smoothping is also NOT free but it does offer a 20 minutes Free Trial. What it means is, you'll only have 20 minutes of server connection time before Smoothping disconnects you from its server and from the game you're playing.

Now, if Smoothping works for you after giving it a try then you can enjoy unlimited access by paying for it. Smoothping offers 3 payment plans and they are Monthly, Quarterly and Lifetime.

I tried Smoothping with APB Reloaded but my ping stayed the same. It didn't went up but it also didn't went down. Anyway guys, APB Reloaded is just one game.

If you're playing any of the supported games then give Smoothping a try because, who knows, it might just work for you. The link to download Smoothping is in the description of the video below

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