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Postal 2 Steam Giveaway - Winner Announcement - Congratulations

Postal 2 Steam Giveaway, the winner of this amazing giveaway and will get a copy of Postal 2 in STEAM is...

Postal 2 Steam Giveaway  - Winner Announcement - Congratulations

After a few days of accepting entries via Gleam, the Postal 2 STEAM Giveaway got a total of 76 entries and, from those 76 entries, one entry was chosen as the winner via Gleam and that lucky entry was made by Christian M.

I've Contacted Christian M via e-mail, waited 8 days for a reply, e-mailed him again and, this time, he replied immediately. Verified his STEAM e-mail address and sent the prize to him through his e-mail address in STEAM.

So, congratulations to Christian M for winning a copy of Postal 2 in STEAM and thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Now, if you didn't win the Postal 2 STEAM Giveaway then just sit back and relax because more giveaways will come.

Also, for those of you who wish to run their own giveaway then I suggest you give Gleam a try. I used Gleam's Giveaway Tool to run the Postal 2 STEAM Giveaway and it worked great.

The link to it is in the description of the video below or simply visit this link, Check it out to learn more about it.

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