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KILL THE F*GG*T - It Came, We Saw But Valve Conquered

KILL THE F*GG*T, it came and appeared in STEAM Greenlight. Many gamers saw it but Valve conquered it with a removal.

KILL THE F*GG*T - It Came, We Saw But Valve Conquered

Recently, an indie game development company called Skaldic Games released a very controversial shooting game. The game is called Kill The F*gg*t and it's a game where players try and shoot and kill gay people.

According to the developer, they are not against nor do they hate gay people, they think they should be treated fairly and what they did is not an attack to the LGBT community..

According to them, they released the game to the public because they're tired of the overly sensitive and easily offended people specially when it comes to LGBT issues and they just want to annoy those people off.

KILL THE F*GG*T - It Came, We Saw But Valve Conquered

The developer also said that they are not endorsing any kind of killing or murder and that the game was not meant to be taken seriously.

They also claimed that the ones who are truly hateful are the majority of the LGBT community because of the vicious hate mail they are getting.

Anyway guys, all I can say about this whole thing is this, whether its a joke or not, whether its serious or not. Regardless of the intent, good or bad, it was still a very irresponsible thing to do.

As for the game, it was already removed by Valve and it's no longer in STEAM Greenlight but the game is still out there and anyone can still download it.

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