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WTFast Review - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

WTFast Review, here is my review of this awesome program called WTFast.

WTFast Review - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

WTFast is a program that helps gamers, like myself, reduce or even eliminate in-game lag. It works by connecting the game you are playing through it's Gamers Private Network.

If my memory is correct, I first used WTFast a couple of years ago and I used it not to reduce lag but to bypass Ragnarok Online SEA's country or IP block and it worked perfectly.

Obviously, that was not a good thing because that was beyond good, it was great. Another good thing about WTFast is the fact that it worked on some of the games I am playing.

WTFast reduced my lag in games like Dragon's Prophet, APB: Reloaded, Heroes Of The Storm and others. It didn't totally eliminate my lag but it lowered it or reduced it to playable levels.


Now for the bad thing. The bad thing about WTFast is that it doesn't work on all games. In my case, I couldn't make WTFast work on League Of Legends but it's not the fault of WTFast.

You see, I play in League Of Legends Philippines and, since I'm already in the Philippines, using WTFast won't really give me any kind of improvements.

The ugly thing about WTFast is the misconception of many gamers on how it actually works. Many gamers think that it's some kind of magical tool that will instantly take away their lag problems when it's NOT.

Guys, if you already have a good or stable connection to the server of the game you're playing then you don't need to use WTFast anymore. Also, if it didn't work for you then it doesn't mean it won't work for others.

You see guys, different people have different computer setups, different softwares installed, different internet providers and are in different locations of the world. All of this will affect how WTFast performs for you.

Anyway, I created this WTFast Review video because I'm a very happy and satisfied user of WTFast because it works on most of the games I play.

Now, my only advise to you guys is this... try WTFast as a Free User first before buying a subscription because if it doesn't work for you then it won't cost you anything.

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