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GTA 5 Online - PC Users Getting Banned For Using Mods

GTA 5 Online, are PC users getting banned for using mods in Grand Theft Auto 5?

GTA 5 Online - PC Users Getting Banned For Using Mods

Today, I came across a couple of news stories about Grand Theft Auto 5 or simply GTA 5 and both news stories had something to do with PC users getting banned for using mods.

Mods which is short for modifications are very popular to GTA 5 PC players because it allows them to do various things like fly, turn into animals and even become Gods in the game.

Unfortunately, some of these mods are also being used in GTA Online which is the multiplayer part of the game. When that happens, players are tempted to activate these mods and use them like cheats against other players.

Now, to stop players from cheating using mods in GTA Online, those caught using any kind of mods are getting banned from the game. Some were even banned for using cosmetic mods that don't even affect gameplay.

Anyway guys, if you are playing GTA 5 or GTA 5 Online then, as much as possible, try to avoid using any kind of mods in multiplayer even cosmetic ones.

Now, if you were mistakenly banned from GTA 5 then go to Rockstar Support and submit a request. The link to it is in the description of this video.

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