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WTFast Alternative - ReduceTheLag - Reduce Lag Permanently

WTFast Alternative, are you still looking for one? If you are then check out ReduceTheLag.

WTFast Alternative ★ ReduceTheLag - Reduce Lag Permanently

WTFast is an amazing program that helps gamers like us enjoy the games that we are playing by making them less laggy but if, for some reason, WTFast doesn't work for you or if you simply just hate WTFast for whatever reason then you'll be happy to know that there are alternatives to WTFast.

One of this alternatives to WTFast is this program called ReduceTheLag. I'm not entirely sure how it works but it's safe to assume that it works just like WTFast where it tunnels your game connection through its network.

ReduceTheLag currently supports a few games and these games are World Of Warcraft, Aion, Archeage, Diablo III, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Star Wars The Old Republic, Tera, Tibia and Wildstar.

As for supporting other games that were not mentioned, I have no idea because I didn't find any information about supporting other games in the website.

WTFast Alternative - ReduceTheLag - Reduce Lag Permanently

Unlike WTFast, Reduce The Lag is not FREE but it does have a 30 Days Free Trial and, that means, you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits and features of ReduceTheLag for the entirety of the Free Trial period.

Now, after 30 days, the Free Trial will expire and you'll have to purchase a subscription to continue using ReduceTheLag and you can choose from Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually.

Unfortunately guys, I have not yet tried using ReduceTheLag. I did install it but I couldn't make it work. Well, I could if I really tried but I didn't, sorry guys.

Anyway guys, if you don't like WTFast then check out ReduceTheLag, give it a try for 30 Days Free and if it works then subscribe to it but if it doesn't then come back to WTFast. The link to ReduceTheLag is in the description of the video below or simply click this link,

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