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Dragon Ball Online Global, Close Alpha

Dragon Ball Online Global is currently in Close Alpha. Are you going to play this game?

Dragon Ball Online Global, Close Alpha

Dragon Ball Online is like the MMORPG version of Dragon Ball. It's based on the Dragon Ball series and has characters that are from or based on the characters in the series as well.

Unfortunately, official servers for Dragon Ball Online are no longer in existence but, recently, I came upon a website called Dragon Ball Online Global and it has a server for Dragon Ball Online.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Dragon Ball Online Global is a private server and not an official server. It's currently in Close Alpha and you can download the game from its website.

I love everything about Dragon Ball and I'm definitely going to give this game a try. I've already created an account, downloaded and installed the game and right now I'm just waiting for the game to become accessible to everyone.

Right now, only a very limited number of people were given access to the game but I'm sure that everyone will be able to play for free as soon as the game enters its Open Beta stage.

So guys, if you are a Dragon Ball fan and have always wanted to give Dragon Ball Online a try then I sugges that you check out Dragon Ball Online Global. The link is in the description of the video below.

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