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GTA 5, Rockstar Ignoring Customers Amidst Losing Accounts O_o

GTA 5, is Rockstar Ignoring Customers by hanging up on them on the phone when reporting their lost accounts?

GTA 5, Rockstar Ignoring Customers Amidst Losing Accounts O_o

When the news about players losing their GTA 5 accounts surfaced, what I did is, I immediately went to Rockstar Games Social Club website and logged-in to my account.

The reason why I did that is check if I still have access to my account and I'm happy tell you guys that I still own my Rockstar Games Social Club account.

Unfortunately guys, not everyone is having the same success as me because, as reported in various gaming websites and communities, many GTA 5 players have lost their accounts.

Another sad news that I've read recently is that Rockstar is somewhat ignoring its customers by hanging up on them on the phone. I'm not sure if that is true or not so I can't really comment on that.

Anyway guys, if for some reason you suddenly can't access your Rockstar Social Club Account then the best thing that you can do is contact Rockstar Support and report it.

If you do then you'll have a much better chance of recovering your lost or stolen accounts. The link to Rockstar Games Support is in the description of the video below or click here.

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