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DOFUS Update 2.25, Legends Of The Fall Announced

DOFUS announced its latest update and its called Legends Of The Fall.

DOFUS Update 2.25, Legends Of The Fall Announced

Legends Of The Fall, also known as DOFUS Update 2.25, includes a new epic quest line and a new dungeon to explore.

DOFUS players will find Legendary Weapons and even uncover secrets that were deeply hidden.

Update 2.25 also updated some dungeons with a new feature and this feature is increasing the number of turns between two waves of monsters in all Divine Dimension dungeons.

The number of turns was increased to make the dungeons easier.

The dungeons that have this change are Drhossil's Cave, King Nidas's Palace, Toxoliath's Cave, Throne Room of the Dark Court, XLII's Metronomicon, and the Eye of Vortex.

To learn more about DOFUS update 2.25 or Legends of the Fall, simply visit the patch notes at

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