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Shroud Of The Avatar, Now Accepts Bitcoin

Shroud Of The Avatar is now accepting Bitcoin payments. This news was announced a couple of weeks ago but I'm still going to blog about it and post it here because I want you guys to know it.

Shroud Of The Avatar, Now Accepts Bitcoin

I'm not really familiar with Bitcoin but some people in the Shroud Of The Avatar community were requesting for it in the official Shroud Of The Avatar forum. I guess they have some Bitcoin to spend and wants to spend it in Shroud Of The Avatar which is awesome.

To learn more about using Bitcoin in Shroud Of The Avatar, go to the official Shroud Of The Avatar website and read the update where it was mentioned. You will find Shroud Of The Avatar at

Shroud Of The Avatar is an upcoming fantasy-themed multiplayer online role-playing game from the creator of the Ultima Series, Richard Garriott. It's currently in Pre-Alpha but those who backed or made a pledge are given access to the game for a few days every month.

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