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ArcheAge Land Hack, Another Abuse/Hack In ArcheAge

ArcheAge Land Hack was discovered being used by some players in ArcheAge a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, this so called land hack or cheat is still being used today in ArcheAge. Expired lands are getting swooped by players who are using this so called land hack or cheat.

ArcheAge Land Hack, Another Abuse/Hack In ArcheAge

Sounds unfair right? Yes it is. Using unauthorized third-party programs like the land hack are obviously not allowed by the publisher of ArcheAge. Abusing it or simply using it in ArcheAge can lead to a ban but, I don't think, those who use this land hack are afraid of getting their accounts banned from the game.

Seriously, accounts that were found using any kind of unauthorized third-party programs in ArcheAge should be immediately banned and wiped from the game. I know it's only a temporary solution because they can always create new accounts. T_T

For those not familiar with ArcheAge (which I highly doubt), it's a free-to-play fantasy-themed sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game published in North America by Trion Worlds.

You can learn more about ArcheAge at

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