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Dofus Xelorium Update, The Gears Of Xelorium

Dofus Xelorium Update is all about the Gears Of Xelorium. It has new updates like the opening of Xelorium which is the latest Divine Dimension. You'll have a blast exploring this new area as well as fighting against new monsters.

Dofus Xelorium Update, The Gears Of Xelorium

Also, Xelorium is a place where Time Travel is possible. You'll be able to travel to your past and reminisce about the good old days, travel to your present and focus on what's happening today or travel to your future where you'll get a glimpse of what to come.

Dofus Xelorium Update will also introduce new equipments, the veteran rewards, class revamps, treasure hunting 2.0 and others. This new update will surely keep you busy until the next update is released.

Guys, check out Dofus. It's a anime-styled fantasy-themed MMORPG by Ankama and you can learn more about it at

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