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Rakion Halloween Event This October 2014

Rakion Halloween Event started last October 7, 2014 and it will run until November 4, 2014. For this monthly event, Rakion players will get to enjoy the following:

Rakion Halloween Event This October 2014

• The release of a new creature called the Lizard Man and Rakion players can get him in the Item Shop.
• The renewal of the Theme Park stage making it more fun and enjoyable to all Rakion players.
• The running of the Check Attendance Event where Rakion players can win various prizes.
• The availability of Stage Reset for all characters.
• The removal of level limitations on all items.
• and others like getting 30% Discounts, Lucky Box Sales, Poke Chance, Charging Via Cherry Credits, etc.

Rakion or Rakion Chaos Force is already an old game but it still has many loyal players. If you're interested in trying out Rakion then go to the official Rakion website to create a free account and download the game. Rakion's official website is located at

By the way, Rakion will have no problems running on older machines or older computers. I remember playing it on my Pentium 4 computer many years ago.

Also, to help spread the word about Rakion's Halloween Event, I included it in my latest episode of The Kabalyero Show. Please help me get some views by watching it.

You can watch the full episode below.

Again, Rakion is a free-to-play fantasy themed multiplayer online battle arena game by Softnyx (

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