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Modoo Marble Philippines, Travelling The World On A Board

Modoo Marble Philippines is a free-to-play multiplayer online board game. I'm not familiar with Modoo Marble but after watching a few videos of it in YouTube, I can say that the game is somewhat similar to Monopoly.

Modoo Marble Philippines, Travelling The World On A Board

As stated above, Modoo Marble is a multiplayer online board game and the game is all about buying and selling properties in and from various locations or countries around the world. The game will basically take you on a world wide tour.

Unfortunately, I can't say anything more about the game because I haven't played it yet but, based on what I've seen and read, the game is definitely interesting.

Anyway, if board games are your thing then Modoo Marble could be the game for you. You can learn more about Modoo Marble by going to its official website at

Below is the Teaser Video of Modoo Marble Philippines. It doesn't say anything about Modoo Marble but you'll get a glimpse of what the game is about.

Modoo Marble is developed by Netmarble and it is published in the Philippines by Gameclub. Some of the games published by Gameclub are Cross Fire, Love Beat, Weapons Of War and iDate. Check them out at

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