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ArcheAge Queue, Waiting To Connect, Too Many Users In Inoch

ArcheAge players had to wait for a very long time to enter the game. Fortunately, that is not the case or situation anymore. The last time I played ArcheAge, the queue was gone and I was able to get in without waiting for hours.

ArcheAge Queue, Waiting To Connect, Too Many Users In Inoch

Of course, this was not the case during the first week of ArcheAge. The queue was very long and it was annoying a lot of players. Gamers are an impatient breed, making them wait for hours just to play a game will very much annoy them. LOL!

In my case, I had to wait in queue to enter the server where my character was waiting for me. The server where I created my first character in ArcheAge is Inoch. The ArcheAge Queue would appear whenever there were too many users in Inoch.

I would spend most of my playing time just waiting to connect.

Anyway, check out the YouTube video above. Give it some views by watching it. I created the video when ArcheAge was still making everyone wait in queue for hours.

Did any of you wait longer than an hour? Did the ArcheAge Queue made you stop playing? Share your experience, comments or reactions about ArcheAge and it's queue in the comments section below.

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