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For The Tribe Mobile Game, Redemptions Codes

Do you remember my last post about For The Tribe Mobile Game? If not then let me refresh your memories.

For The Tribe Mobile Game is Level Up's first free-to-play fantasy-themed 3D card battle mobile game and you can get it at Google Playstore.

For The Tribe Mobile Game, Redemptions Codes

The game, For The Tribe Mobile Game, is a pretty simple game and it's very easy to play. It's also very easy to install because it's a very small game and, I think, it will run on all Android 4 powered mobile devices.

Okay, if you are already playing For The Tribe Mobile Game by Level up then here are a couple of Redemption Codes that you can claim in the game. Redeeming these codes will reward you with something in-game.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you what the reward or rewards are because I simply don't know. Here are the 2 Redemption Codes.
You can redeem one of these Redemption Codes in the game. Just tap on the Claims icon to open the window and tap on the Redeem tab to open the section. Enter one of the Redemption Codes in the Enter CDKey input box and tap on the Redeem button to receive the reward or rewards.

By the way, these two Redemption Codes can only be used once. If someone see the codes first and use them ahead of you then you won't be able to use them anymore.

So, please avoid complaining about the Redemption Codes not working. If they don't work for you then it only means that someone saw it first and used it before you.

If you missed the two Redemption Codes above then try the Redemption Codes that are in the YouTube video below. Again, you must be the first one to use the Redemption Codes for them to work.

Did you miss any of the Redemption Codes? If you did then message me in Twitter or in Facebook and tell me that you want one. If I get enough request then I will ask for more Redemption Codes from the publisher. Again, this is not a promise because I can't guarantee if the publisher will give me more.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and if you want to receive more then simply follow me in Twitter (@kabalyero) or like my page in Facebook (

Oh, I forgot to add the link to For The Tribe Mobile Game in Google Playstore. Here is the link,

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