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Untold Universe Alpha, Got An Alpha Key

Untold Universe Alpha, I got an Alpha Key. YAY!

Untold Universe Alpha is basically the Alpha version of Untold Universe. LOL! It has an Alpha in its name because the game is still in its early development.

Last month, I was able to get an Alpha Key from the official forum of Untold Universe by simply requesting for it. I learned about the Alpha Key Giveaway from an e-mail update sent by Untold Universe.

 Untold Universe Alpha, Got An Alpha Key

I was surprised to learn how easy it was to get the Alpha Key. All I did was post in the forum and request for an Alpha Key and it was send to me via Private Message.

The Alpha Key allowed me to download the game and play it.

Untold Universe is very similar to Minecraft. I have never played Minecraft but I have watched enough videos of it in YouTube to know what Minecraft is. ^_^

Untold Universe is also about building and creating things but in a grander scale. It's grander because the stage is the entire universe. Players will get to explore planets and extract resources from them, as well as, build cities and colonies.

To learn more about Untold Universe, just visit its website at

By the way, I have not visited the forum of Untold Universe for almost a month. So, I'm not sure if Untold Universe is still giving away Alpha Keys in the forum.

Anyway, don't forget to check out Untold Universe and, if you like, you can watch the video above to give it some views. You can also follow me in Twitter (@kabalyero) and in Facebook ( Thanks. ^_^

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