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Soldier Front 2 Lag Fix, Connection Improved By 78%

This Soldier Front 2 Lag Fix improved my connection by 78%. What is this Soldier Front 2 Lag Fix? Well, this Soldier Front 2 Lag Fix is simply called WTFast. Yes, WTFast improved my connection to Soldier Front 2 by 78%

LOL! I'm just repeating what I said but it's 100% true. Just take a look at the screenshot above and you'll see my WTFast Connection Report to Soldier Front 2. My overall Connection Improvement was 78%.

In the screenshot of my Connection Report above, my average internet ping was 290ms but WTFast reduced it 237ms. It's still high but it's definitely better than 290ms.

WTFast also reduced my Lost Packets and prevent ping fluctuations and ping spikes. Great right? Yes, it is. ^_^

Are you now interested in getting or trying out WTFast? If you are then download it at the official website of WTFast.

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