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Wakfu Asia, My First Time Playing

Late last week, I got a chance to play Wakfu Asia. It's a free-to-play multiplayer online roleplaying game with anime-style characters and graphics. Wakfu Asia also has this isometric-style view and it uses a turn-based combat system.

Wakfu Asia

What I'm going to share to you in this blog post is my experience in playing Wakfu Asia for the very first time. If I didn't experience it or encounter it during my first time playing Wakfu Asia then I will not be able to share it you.

First of all, I have no knowledge of what Wakfu Asia is. I have never read any information about it nor have I watched any gameplay videos of it. I kinda like playing games I know nothing about. It kinda adds to the fun and excitement of playing it. LOL!

Downloading And Installing

Of course, the first thing I did before I could start playing Wakfu Asia is to download the game and install it. To download the game, I went to Wakfu Asia's official website. Downloading it was easy because the download button was on the homepage of the website.

I just clicked on it, saved the file, waited until it was fully download and installed it. The file was very small. It was only 5.1 mb.

The game launcher of Wakfu Asia downloaded the rest of the game and it took about 45 minutes. It took that long to download or patch the game because I don't have a very fast internet connection.

Character Creation

The very first thing that I did in the game is to create my very first character but, before I could do that the game asked if I wanted to do the Tutorial which I did. After that, I went through the Character Creation process.

Character Creation in Wakfu Asia was very easy and simple. I picked my character gender, my character class and customized it by choosing its hairstyle, hair color, outfit color, etc. Unfortunately, this particular character creation was only for the Tutorial part of the game.


The tutorial of Wakfu Asia happened in a place called Souls Crossing. My character was some kind of spirit waiting to be reincarnated back in the world but before that he needed to learn a few things like movement, combat, etc.

Movement was easy because Wakfu Asia is a point-and-click game. I just pointed and clicked on a location on my screen and if it's passable then my character would walk or run to it.

Combat was also easy to learn. Wakfu Asia uses a turn-based combat system and I got to experience it very early in the tutorial when my character fought it's very first Wodent.

Of course, combat was further explained and I learned a lot of new things about it as my character went through the different Dojos and fought different kinds of Wodents.

The tutorial was mostly about combat but I also did get to learn how to harvest and plant in the beginning of the tutorial as well.

The last Wodent my character fought in Souls Crossing was the Dark Wodent. Defeating the Dark Wodent and his two cronies rewarded my character with dark or black wodent items.

The tutorial ended when Sokay transported my character from Souls Crossing back to the World Of Twelve.

Character Creation Again

As my character was getting transported back to the World Of Twelve, the Character Creation screen appeared again. The difference this time was the fact that I was able to choose or select from the different character classes.

I went through each of the character classes but decided on the first one, the Iop. My reason for choosing the Iop was simple, his character portrait had a sword and, since I'm always a sword user in many of the games that I play, I went ahead and selected the Iop.

Character customization was the same as the first time. The options available were very limited but it also kinda made the process faster and less complicated.

The World Of Twelve

After creating my character again, my character was finally transported to the World Of Twelve. Again, I have no knowledge of the World Of Twelve but I'm looking forward to learning more about it as my character adventures through it.

My first few minutes (roughly less than an hour) of playing Wakfu Asia ended as soon as my character appeared in the World Of Twelve. Even though I still need to learn a lot of things about Wakfu Asia, I had fun playing it.

I guess that's the end of this blog post and, for those of you who wants to learn more about Wakfu Asia, simply go to the official Wakfu Asia website.

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