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Age Of Kung Fu SEA Open Beta Test Release Date

Are you familiar with Age Of Wulin? What about Age Of Wushu? These are two titles of basically the same game. One is published in the US and one is published in the EU. But wait, there's more.

Age Of Kung Fu SEA Open Beta Test Release Date

In Southeast Asia, the name of this game is not Age Of Wulin and it's also not Age Of Wushu but Age Of Kung Fu. As the name implies, Age Of Kung Fu is a martial-arts asian-fantasy themed MMORPG and it's published in Southeast Asia by Cubizone.

I've never played any of the other versions of this game but I did get to play Age Of Kung Fu for a few minutes. See me go through Age Of Kung Fu's Character Creation in the YouTube video below.

Let's go back to the Open Beta Test release date of Age Of Kung Fu, the Open Beta Test release of Age Of Kung Fu will happen on August 25, 2014 and that's more or less a couple of weeks from now.

Another date that you must remember is August 22, 2014 because, on this date, Age Of Kung Full will open it's Character Creation to everyone as part of the Early Character Creation Event. This event will let you reserve your character names before the Open Beta Test release.

Also, Open Beta Test means your characters are permanent. There will be no more character wipes like in the Close Beta Test of Age Of Kung Fu.

Below are two short YouTube videos announcing the Open Beta Test release of Age Of Kung Fu.

Anyway, if you wanted to play Age Of Kung Fu during its Close Beta Test but missed it then you'll finally get your chance in the Open Beta Test of the game. Remember, the date is August 25, 2015.

Just go to the official website of Age Of Kung Fu to learn more about the game, create a free account and download the game client.

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