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Let's Play RIFT

RIFT is a free-to-play fantasy themed MMORPG developed or created by Trion Worlds Inc. The events, stories and whatnot in RIFT happens in the fantasy world of Telara.

Besides being free-to-play, the other thing that I like most about RIFT is the rift itself. Rift or rifts appear randomly across Telara and these rifts will spawn monsters until they're closed by players. The randomness of these rifts, makes for an exciting gameplay.

There are different kinds of rifts and each kind will give out different rewards when successfully closed. The harder the rift, the better the rewards.

Below is one of my Let's Play videos of RIFT.

I'm sharing my Let's Play videos of RIFT to anyone or everyone who is interested in watching them. You can find more of my Let's Play videos of RIFT in my Let's Play Channel in YouTube. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see more Let's Play videos of RIFT.

Now, for those interested in playing RIFT for free, you can download the game and create a free RIFT account here.

If you want to get extra goodies that are not available or included in the free RIFT account then why not get the RIFT Collector's Edition here.

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