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FlapMMO, Flappy Bird MMO Is Here

Flappy Bird became an instant hit when it came out. Almost all the people I know, young or old, male or female, were playing it in their mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

It was such a huge hit that it made the developer of the game an overnight celebrity. Unfortunately, the developer of Flappy Bird couldn't take the popularity that came with his extremely popular game that he took down the game eventually.

Taking down Flappy Bird didn't stop its popularity because clones of the game started appearing. From Flappy Fish to Clumsy Bird and every other weird stuff in between, the evolution of Flappy Bird continued.

Speaking of evolving Flappy Bird, I recently came upon FlapMMO and it's Flappy Bird converted into a MMO game. It's basically the same game with one major difference and that is, players are not playing alone anymore.

Check out my Let's Play video of FlapMMO below.

My best score in Flappy Bird is 8 points. In FlapMMO, my best score is 17 but the two games don't share the same scoring system.

If you think you're good at playing Flappy Bird then why not test your skills against other players in FlapMMO. You can play FlapMMO for free at

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