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Let's Play Mercenary Online 2 PH

I remember playing this game many months ago but I never really gotten into it. It's  third-person shooter, it's powered by Unreal 3D which gives it nice graphics and it has both PvP and PvE game modes. Best of all, it's Free-To-Play.

In the Philippines, Mercenary Online 2 is published by Massive Gaming which also publishes other titles like War Rock, Blade 9 and Basket Dudes.

Last night, I got a chance to play Mercenary Online 2 for a few minutes. I recorded it and uploaded it to my Let's Play Channel in YouTube.

Unfortunately, I'm still a newbie in Mercenary Online 2 and I don't think I'll ever get better playing the game but I'm still going to play it. I don't play too many locally published multiplayer online games but I can see myself playing Mercenary Online 2 for a while.

Anyway, if any of you out there is interested in playing Mercenary Online 2 then simply create a new account and download the game client from the official Mercenary Online 2 PH website.

By the way, the publisher of Mercenary Online 2 Philippines also holds regular tournaments with real cash prizes to winners. If you're into competitive gaming then why not check this one out.

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