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7Seas Fall Fishing Festival 2013, 7Seas Fishing Game Second Life

Update: Silly me. I just did a search and it seems that I've already posted about this festival. Well, it would be a waste to delete this post so I'll just keep it. Sorry, my memory isn't very good. LOL!

Unfortunately, the festival is long over but I don't freaking care. I'm still going to post something about it here in my blog. I wanted to make a post about it when it happened but I had to work and work is always important for me. It's what keeps food on the table. Blogging? Not really.

In this post, I'm going to talk about the Main Island. You see, 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival was divided into three sims or regions. These regions are Ruthnium, Iridium and Osmium. If my memory is correct, the Main Island or Main Party Island was located at Osmium.

What's So Special About The Main Island?

The Main Island was special because all the events sponsored and organized by the festival organizer happened on it. By the way, the organizer of 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival 2013 is none other than 7Seas Fishing Game.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate in any of the events that happened or were scheduled in the Main Island. It wasn't because I can't attend or come to any of the events. It's more because of not wanting to mingle with other virtual people.

Here is a YouTube video of 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival 2013's Main Island.

7Seas Fall Fishing Festival is a festival organized by 7Seas Fishing Game every fall of each year. It showcases the creativity of the 7Seas Fishing Community.

Activities, events and happenings like the 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival are very common in Second Life. If you are looking for a fun virtual world where you can express yourself the way you want to then Second Life is the venue or platform for you.

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