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Flying A Dragon In Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet is an action-MMORPG that features Dragons. It's published by Sony Online Entertainment and it's Free-To-Play.

There are many Dragons in Dragon's Prophet. Some of these Dragons fly but many of them don't but, even if they don't fly, these Dragons are still worth having around.

Right now, my favorite kind of Dragons in Dragon's Prophet are the flying kind. In fact, I have only one Dragon in Dragon's Prophet and it's a flying one. It's a Verdant Predator Dragon and I use him whenever I need to go somewhere in the game.

This Verdant Predator Dragon is my first Dragon in Dragon's Prophet. I captured this Dragon the first time I played the game and he's been with me ever since. I will definitely try to catch more Dragons in the future or as I progress into the game but this Verdant Predator Dragon will forever stay with me.

Now, let's talk about flying a Dragon in Dragon's Prophet.

Flying a Dragon in Dragon's Prophet is easy. If you already have a flying Dragon then all you have to do is mount it, press the Spacebar to make your Dragon fly up and use the ASWD keys to control your direction and speed.

So, if you like Dragons and want to fly with one then Dragon's Prophet will give that experience. Just check out the YouTube video below to get a glimpse of flying a Dragon in Dragon's Prophet.

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