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Dragon's Prophet, Looking For Scourger's Stew

Looking for Scourger's Stew is part of the Meaty Aroma In The Night quest in Dragon's Prophet. The other part of the quest was finding a recipe with sloppy penmanship and it was pretty easy because the objective was out in the open.

As for the scourger's stew, it was a different situation. It took me a little longer to find all five scourger's stew because I thought I could get them by killing Apurian or Rat Monsters. I spent a lot of minutes killing various Apurian Monsters but none of the Apurian Monsters that I killed dropped a single scourger's stew.

How Did I Find These Scourger's Stews?

Believe it or not but I found these scourger's stews by interacting with the big pots found in the Apurian Monster's Camp in Samoor's Wrath.

All of the big pots were somewhat responding with my character. After interacting with one of these big pots, a strange creature called Living Broth That Survived appeared and started attacking me. I attacked it as well and, when it died, it dropped a Scourger's Stew.

I interacted with four more big pots, killed four more strange creatures and I eventually finished the mission.

This is basically a Newbie Quest but if you are having problems finding a Scourger's Stew then I suggest that you start by interacting with the big pots in Samoor's Wrath.

Here is a YouTube video of my character looking for these 5 Scourger's Stews.

Play Dragon's Prophet And Look For These Scourger's Stew

Dragon's Prophet is free-to-play. It's an action-MMO published by Sony Online Entertainment and it has dragons as part of the game. If you like dragons then you might also like Dragon's Prophet. Check it out at

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