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WTFast Improved My APB: Reloaded Gaming Experience

APB: Reloaded is one of the few games that I play every now and then. I sometimes play it for hours but sometimes I don't spend too much time playing it.

For those who are not familiar with the game, APB: Reloaded is Free-To-Play, APB: Reloaded is a Third-Person-Shooter and APB: Reloaded is like Grand Theft Auto (well, not exactly like it).

In APB: Reloaded, I play in the North American West Server. This server is also called Colby. I play in this server because it is the server that has the most number of players playing.

Playing in APB: Reloaded's NA West or Colby server is always laggy for me because of my distance from the server. It's laggy but it's still playable. The only thing that really messes up my gaming experience are the lag spikes. It sucks when it happens specially during gun fights.

Fortunately, there is a program called WTFast and, what it does is, it reduces game lag and lag spikes by delivering your game data to the game server through a stable network connection. My gaming experience in APB: Reloaded improved considerably thanks to WTFast.

The YouTube video below will tell you more about WTFast and how it improved my gaming experience in APB: Reloaded.

So, if you are lagging in APB: Reloaded or in any MMO or online game then I suggest that you give WTFast a try. Downloading WTFast is FREE and you'll get to enjoy a lag free gaming for 30 days.

Click this link to download WTFast for FREE!

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