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Grand Theft Auto 5, It's NOT - Driving Through Pedestrians

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an amazing game. Why? The story telling is amazing, the voice acting in the game is amazing, the graphics is amazing and the most amazing thing about it is the fact that it lets you do things you can't normally do in other games or in real life.

For example, you can drive through pedestrians and not get into trouble in Grand Theft Auto 5. Even if the cops in the game come after you, getting away from them is extremely easy. Cops in Grand Theft Auto 5 also have short term memories. They'll totally forget about it as soon as your stars go back to zero.

Another game where you can drive through pedestrians and get notoriety for doing it is APB: Reloaded. APB: Reloaded plays very much like Grand Theft Auto 5. It has an open world and it lets you mess with the pedestrian NPCs. For example, you can shoot them, mug them and drive through them.

Criminal players in APB: Reloaded get notoriety for driving through and killing pedestrians while Enforcer players lose prestige. I don't really care about notoriety nor prestige when I'm playing the game besides driving through a pedestrian in APB: Reloaded is sometimes unavoidable.

Below is a video in YouTube of Driving Through Pedestrians in APB: Reloaded.

Interested in playing APB: Reloaded? If you are then go to the official APB: Reloaded website by clicking this link »

If you like to play other third-person-shooters like APB: Reloaded then why not check out Warframe and Ghost Recon Online too.

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