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WTF! Divine Souls Died Again

Divine Souls Died, Again

The publisher of Divine Souls, MMO.TM, announced that Divine Souls they have returned the game, Divine Souls, to GamePrix, the developer of Divine Souls. This is the second death of Divine Souls. The first one was when Outspark closed its service.

 Divine Souls Died Again

The news didn't surprise me that much because there wasn't that many players in the game. For some reason, the game wasn't able to get the interest of the MMO gaming community. I guess the lack of advertising killed the game but that's just my observation.

Divine Souls Was Fun

As a casual gamer, I find Divine Souls fun to play. The controls of the game were easy to learn and the action was pretty good too.

I didn't like the fact that the characters were gender locked to one gender but it didn't bother me because the character class that I played had a male gender and that was the Fighter class.

The lack of players in Elan Blude, the starting city or town, was not an issue for me as well but it did make the game feel barren or lifeless.

Divine Souls Died Again YouTube Video

Below is a YouTube video about the death of Divine Souls, again.

See You Next Time, Divine Souls

Will Divine Souls make a third comeback? As far as I know, Divine Souls is already back. It was picked-up by a new publisher. Divine Souls new publisher is GameNGame.

If you are a Divine Souls player who wants to play the game again then head on over to Divine Souls new official website. Click this link to get there »

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