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NOT Grand Theft Auto 5 - Stealing Cars

Stealing cars and other vehicles is a normal activity in Grand Theft Auto 5 but it's also something many players do in another game which is very much like Grand Theft Auto. This other game is called APB: Reloaded and, unlike Grand Theft Auto 5, APB: Reloaded is 100% Free-To-Play.

Criminal players in APB: Reloaded steal cars for a reason and that reason is MONEY. Criminal players can turn the cars they steal into money by delivering them to the many Chop Shops found in the city of San Paro. The amount of money Criminal players will get from a delivered stolen car depends on the rarity of the car and the condition of the car when it was delivered.

Enforcer players can also take cars from the people of San Paro but, instead of stealing it, they commandeer it. As Enforcer players, they're authorized to commandeer cars from the people of San Paro. Of course, unlike Criminal players, Enforcer players can't make any money from the cars they commandeer.

How To Steal A Car?

Stealing a car in APB: Reloaded is extremely easy. If you're an APB: Reloaded player then all you have to do is get close to the car you want to steal and press the F key. Your character will open the door and force the driver out of the car. Once the driver is out, your character will enter the car and the rest is up to you.

What you do after getting the car is your choice. You can go on a joy ride in your newly stolen car or you can deliver it to a Chop Shop and get some money for it. Either way, stealing cars in APB: Reloaded is fun but, remember, you can only steal cars if you're a Criminal player.

To give you an idea of how cars are stolen and sold in APB: Reloaded, please watch the YouTube video below.

APB: Reloaded It's FREE!

Unlike Grand Theft Auto 5, APB: Reloaded is FREE. Just sign-up for a new free account, download the installer, install it and start playing. You'll get to enjoy the game without spending a single dollar on it but if you like it and want to support the game then upgrade to become a Premium Player.

Premium Players get some bonuses and perks not available to Free Players but this option is totally voluntary. Becoming a Premium Member or Player is not a requirement to play or enjoy APB: Reloaded.

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