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Dragon's Prophet - My First Character

My first character in Dragon's Prophet is a Male Guardian named Kabalyero. I created him using Dragon's Prophet character creator. It was very easy to use and it allowed for some decent customizations. For example, it has sliders where you can further customize your character's body shape and facial features.

Character creation is always a fun moment for me. I would spend hours just playing with the different options available but, for Dragon's Prophet, I didn't do a lot of editing. I used the default body shape and just changed my character's eyes and hair color. I also changed his hair and face.

Created A Guardian In Dragon's Prophet

The guardian is like the melee character class of Dragon's Prophet and, as a player who plays MMORPGs, I always choose a melee class for my characters. For some reason, I find melee characters specially tanks fun and easy to play.

Other players like mages, clerics, archers, etc. but not me. The character classes that I like are fighters, warriors, knights, soldiers, etc. and I always build them like a tank. A tank is a character than can take a lot of damage because of its high HP (health points or hit points). A tank is also the most armored or defensive character in a group or party.

A tank also dies a lot because he takes all the aggro and shields the entire party but if there is a good healer in the party then he'll survive through any onslaught.

My First Character YouTube Video

Here is a simple YouTube video of my first character when I created him.

If you like games that has a good character creator then you will like Dragon's Prophet's character creator. It's free-to-play and you can download the game for free here »

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